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Vampire in Space Chapter 1: Alone

My eyes opened, the sound of the drone bringing me my morning paste an itch in my ears. “Hello,” I said to the mindless drone. The starlight was distant but illuminated my cell well enough that I could see the cache where the paste was deposited. The door opened and I grabbed the paste. This would happen twice more. As it had every day. I floated over the tiny door and opened the paste. I ate it and thought of the blood I used to drink every day. I know the paste contains the necessary nutrients for me to survive in this hell. However, I missed meat. I missed the hunt. There was no excitement when my food came to me. I took another bite of the paste, the bland flavor laving over my tongue.  Tears formed in my eyes. The paste had no taste, the paste couldn’t be meat, because I lost the ability to eat what I chose freely. I thanked the gods that no one could see me cry. That I was isolated in my moment of weakness. 

Hovering over the door I released my paste tube to the cache so it can be collected later. The drone is the closest thing I have to a companion in my floating prison. I affectionately call him Xanon after the vampire warlord. I’ve seen the drone go from my cube to other cubes in the distant lattice work that is the floating prison. There is no one to feast upon. No one to kill. Xanon doesn’t speak back to me when I address him. It has become my custom to say hello to Xanon. I hate to say goodbye so I don’t. There is nothing left for me but to stare and search for the other sentient beings imprisoned here. I wonder what they have named their drones. I wonder what their blood would taste like on my tongue.

I am Ela, even suspended here without prey. What does it even mean to be Ela anymore? If I were free would I rampage again? I’d be afraid to. I would do anything not to be locked up here. Maybe even just drink the blood of volunteers rather than going after any being and killing them to drink their blood. I laughed at the thought. Volunteers? To feed a mass murderer. Heh, how I’ve evolved. Such a realistic vision. Maybe I would make friends, perish the thought. Actually talk to some people. I’m full of jokes today, clearly. Who would want to talk to me? Even my own kind would reject me for my excessive violence. Even now I miss the feel of broken bones beneath my hands. I miss the taste of ravaged blood spilling from open wounds. No, wait, I can’t do that. I’m making a deal, my freedom for my complete upstanding behavior. You hear that gods? I’m making a deal no more murder just set me free.

Floating in space with the endless black expanse, my only blanket. The stars, the nightlights that help me see in my dungeon. I’m weak without the blood that gives me strength. How many years have I been isolated? I don’t even know the name of my prison. From my floating position I count five ships near the field of cubes this prison holds. They hover over us, perhaps enjoying the view. I can’t see the prisoners next to me.They are specks in a vast field. A ship hovers over my cube. Close enough that I can see the pilot through the window. Oh what I would give to drink his blood.

A door opens in the ship revealing the docking bay. A crane lowers and attaches to my cube. I am rocked back and forth as the cube is pulled upwards. I float against the wall.  The docking bay closes and the ship engages warp drive to propel us far away from my prison. I remember my sentence. I was supposed to rot in that cube.

A woman dressed in a space suit approached my cube. I hissed at her on instinct. After all, why on Gnos would she capture a known mass murderer? 

“Now, now, is that how you say thank you for being rescued from prison? I have an offer for you.” She said in an authoritative voice.

Her language is Standard. I can speak it though my Rs roll and my Ss hiss. “What do you want from me?” I asked through my teeth, still floating in my cube.

“We want your skill set for taking down ships. You would be one of my crew and promise not to hurt anyone on board. In exchange you get to devour entire crews on enemy ships.”

“What authority allows you to pick me up?” I said, staring at her jugular.

“Ah, about that, we are a rebel ship. We acquired you less than legally.”She smiled with pride.

I crossed my arms and stifled another hiss.”So I could end up imprisoned or worse if we get caught?”

“Yes, but we will do everything we can not to get caught. Besides, isn’t it better than floating in space, vampire?”

“Okay, then just release me.” I smiled showing the tips of my fangs.

“You have to swear on your gods that you won’t hurt anyone on this ship. You do and we’ll put you right where we found you.”

“Fine, I won’t hurt your crew, I swear on the divines. I will need blood to survive though.” I lied. Though it was true blood was necessary to strengthen me.

“We can arrange a cup for you. So we have a deal that you will only rampage on ships we ask you to.”

“Yes yes human. Now let me out…please.”

With that she touched some mechanism on my cube. After inputting a code the lock sprung deactivating the shield. I also ceased floating. For the first time in years I set foot on the ground and stumbled. I had forgotten how to walk. I tried walking again but had to hold onto the wall.

“Please give me blood,” I looked at the woman who freed me. She should die for seeing me so weak.

“Come, I’ll help you.” She grabbed my side and supported me as we walked further into the ship. Embarrassment flooded through me like a wave, for being treated like some helpless person. The rest of the security detail walked around us. Guns at the ready.

We made it to the cafeteria where we each sat down. A man put a cup down in front of me. The metallic smell of human blood piqued my curiosity. I drank the contents quickly. More. I wanted so much more. I saw red before my eyes. The temptation to slaughter them all and feast on their blood made me dizzy with glee.

“Remember your control Ela. We are your allies, not food.” My bloodlust became a hum at the back of my head. People were staring at me. They must have known who I was.

“What is your name human?”

“I’m Brandy,” she signaled the man back over. At first he was hesitant and shook his head. He took the empty cup once Brandy insisted twice.

“Okay Brandy, who is my first target?”

“Straight to business then, I like it.”

Brandy leaned towards me. Her scent, pine trees and lemon. I swallowed convulsively, trying my best not to attack. After all, isolation was a horrible punishment, especially because I was denied blood. 

Brandy flicked open her wrist com and pulled up a ship schematic. “Here is your next target. The USJP is scheduled to dock in sector five at 0400 tomorrow. That is when you will enter the ship. We will give you fake credentials.”

“I’m going to need to drink more blood to pull this off.” I patted my hand where the cup of blood had been put down.

Brandy looked at the man who had deposited the blood, “How much more are you asking for?”

“Ten cups,” I said without a hint of greed in my eye, okay maybe a little.

“Two max, in the morning before you board the ship.” Brandy said, nodding at the man to leave.

“I guess I should go to sleep then. Where is my room?”

“About that. We didn’t have space in the living quarters.” Brandy rubbed the back of her head, “You will be sleeping in the brig.”

I nearly killed Brandy just based on principle. I made my hands into fists.

“You won’t lock me in right?”

Brandy smiled, “Of course not, it was totally our plan to let a mass murdering vampire roam free on our ship.” She gestured for me to follow and I did. She showed me my new cell.

”If you lock me in here, you’ll regret it.”

“What did I say about not threatening the crew?”

“You told me not to hurt them, but didn’t say anything about threatening them.”

“No threats either.”

“Understood, human.” I went into my cell and I heard the distinctive click of the lock being activated. I watched her walk away. The bed was at least covered with sheets and had a pillow. I didn’t have to float during my sleep. It took me hours to fall asleep. Being in an unfamiliar place, inside of a cell, and on top of that not floating made it hard to relax. I was used to being suspended in the air staring at the stars.

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Vampire in Space Part 4: The Trial

I laid on the cushions in my room and wondered what happened to the vampire and the Blue Robin. The Gorgots left me to my own devices so I called Tas using my wrist com. 

“This user is not available to speak. Please leave a message after the tone.” Beep.

“Hi Tas, it’s Adriel. Are you doing alright? Is the ship okay? Call me back when you get a chance.”

I flicked off my wrist com and sat up. It was time to find some food. I exited my room and made my way down the hall. I couldn’t read the signs around me so I was totally lost. I looked up how to say food on my wrist com. My arms couldn’t wiggle the way they needed to but I could make an approximation. I found the nearest Gorgot and moved my arms to say food. The Gorgot made a gesture that looked like a follow me gesture and walked away. I followed hoping I communicated the right thing. It was as we walked that Tas called me back.

“Hey Adriel, I’m sorry I missed your call. Is everything okay?”

“Yes but forget about me, how are you and the crew?”

“I apprehended the vampire.”

“You badass! You saved the ship.” I followed the Gorgot down a hallway with glass all the way around, it felt like walking through space. 

“We are transporting her to the Outer Rim where they’ll hold a trial.” Tas purred over the word trial. Anticipation evident in her tone.

Captain Wendel

I ignored the hail from the Blue Robin only to get hailed again. Reluctantly, I answered, “Hello this is Captain Wendel.”

“Hello this is Captain Ando.”

“How can I help you captain?” I cringed hoping he didn’t address my desertion after the vampire fled to his ship.

“We apprehended the vampire and would like you to participate in the legal proceedings.”

“Wow, you captured her…uh well I don’t think I can add anything of value.”

“You can, your ship was attacked like mine. You should seek justice. Unless you just want to run away.”

“If I never see that vampire again it will be too soon.” I crossed my arms and ignored the comment about running away. “Alright Captain Ando I’ll participate.”

“Good,” Captain Ando sent coordinates for the hearing.

The courtroom was on station Delta 39, a huge glass window looked straight into space. The judge sat on a raised chair with a huge desk made out of plexiglass. There was a large audience sitting in the gallery. Many of the people sitting in the gallery were survivors of the attacks. The vampire wore a translation collar around her neck. Her long black hair fell to her waist and her pale skin outlined her skinny form. The vampire spoke over the din of spectators. “Remove my shackles and I’ll kill you all.” A woman cried out, “oh!” Others simply laughed at the vampire who was in chains. After hearing the vampire’s threat all I could think about was the crew of my ship being terrorized. She would do it again, left to her own devices. I wrung my hands together not wanting to be anywhere near the vampire.

The judge banged their gavel, “I will have order in my court. Order, I say!” The room quieted down.

The vampire struggled against the restraints only to be electrocuted by the shackles. She squirmed in her seat. The judge looked at her directly, “Ela vampire from the world Gnos you are on trial for your crimes against the Starburst and Blue Robin. How do you plead?”

Ela scoffed, “Guilty and I’d do it again.”

No one spoke for a minute taking in her utter lack of remorse.

The judge countered, “Just like that you admit to murder and destruction of property? It is my duty to inform you that you are waiving the right to the trial and I can move forward based on your plea to sentence you.”

Ela hissed, “Get on with the sentence old man.”

The judge banged his gavel, “That’s enough out of you Ela. Now I want the testimony of the crew to help with deciding your fate.”

One by one stories were recounted of the death and carnage Ela was responsible for. Ela laughed as the most recent testimony recalled a beheading she managed with her bare hands. The judge asked for order. “It seems you’re incapable of empathy Ela. I’ve heard enough to pass judgment.”

Ela’s punishment was not conventional but reserved for the worst criminals. She was put in a transparent cage and left floating in space. The cube was under constant surveillance by the prison. The field of cubes was connected to the space station. The cube had a toilet that only functioned when she managed to sit on it. Gravity would temporarily turn on so she could go. Once she was done, gravity shut off. She could be seen in her cube by anyone flying by. Food was delivered three times a day in tubes that had little taste. The paste was made to stand up to the floating prison. She would throw out the remains in a trash compactor. Water was her source of hydration only during meal time. The tube was easy to rip too far open so the water sometimes floated in her cage.

Ela was stuck in space. No contact in her isolation with any living being. Blood was denied her so she grew pale and thin. Her mass decreased with time. There was no desire on her part to try to escape. After all, the only thing surrounding her was vast space.

Captain Wendel sat in the mess hall across from me. We were on the space station Delta 39 in the Outer Rim.

“Adriel, I’m happy to pay you for your time aboard the Starburst.”

“Thank you mam,” I scoffed down a spoonful of beef soup.

Captain Wendel wiped her face. “I’m glad to see that vampire in space.”

“Yes it was a fitting punishment.” I was glad she was no longer a threat.


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Vampire in Space Part 3: Survivor

When my eyes finally opened the room spun in my vision. I tried to get up and felt sick so I laid back down. Alive, I took a deep breath. Now it was a matter of surviving. Eventually the vampire had to get tired or full at least. My hand went to my neck which was still wet with blood. I applied pressure to staunch the flow of blood. Another breath and I tried to get up again. Slowly I sat up. I looked around and the room spun slowly. I crawled over to the bed and forced myself up over the mattress. I sat up. Covered my eyes for a few moments. Then I tried standing, shaking. There were no supplies in the room to help with the blood loss. There was a sink however so I made my way over to drink some water. I cupped the water in my hands and took big gulps. I told myself the world wasn’t falling away as my head spun. Once my thirst was sated I went back to my bed uncaring that there was a gaping hole in my door. 

I laid in bed long enough to fall back asleep. The next time I woke there was a hand on my arm. I let out a gasp and opened my eyes to see Tas standing over me.

“What are you doing here?” I asked.

Tas smiled, “I’m here to take you to an escape pod of course.”

I groaned as I sat up, “That’s kind of you. What’s the status of the attack?”

Tas’s smile vanished, “That vampire did a number on our guards and the crew. We’ve lost many. I couldn’t believe the amount of broken bodies I passed on the way here.”

“I guess I was lucky.” This was the second attack where I managed to survive. Tas said nothing. I stood up and together we made our way to the escape pods. This time I would refuse boarding any ships that crossed my path. I’ll fly straight home. A part of me wondered if I should try catching up to the Starburst instead. That was unlikely given the escape pod’s speed.

I made it to the escape pod and entered it quickly. Tas waved goodbye as I was launched from the side of the Blue Robin. My navigation was preset to head towards the Outer Rim. I couldn’t change the destination which was the opposite direction from home. My body was held in a standing position and the cushion behind my body gave me the sensation of laying down on a bed. Granted the cushions weren’t that soft.

As I drifted through space I contemplated whether the vampire was caught and whether the cargo on the Starburst would sell. My escape pod continued through the asteroid field. A ship larger than the Starburst came into view. It turned to go directly in my heading. I took a breath, willing the ship not to collide with my escape pod. The large ship with its foreign symbols on the side stopped and I saw a dock align with my trajectory. The captain didn’t even bother to hail me. My pod docked and sanispray decontaminated my escape pod and person. When I stepped into the new ship I was standing face to face with Gorgots. Their tentacles were high in the air making motions I couldn’t decipher. I only knew one gesture the Gorgots would understand and that was hello. They clucked by putting their suction cups together. I had no clue what they were saying. Afraid I would do something impolite I kept my arms at my side. One of them held up a little box and pressed its side. A light shown on its tentacles as it gesticulated. 

A translator’s voice came from the box, “Hello my name is Sun-ma. What is your name?”

“My name is Adriel.”

“Welcome aboard our ship. What happened to yours?”

“A vampire attack. She snuck into our ship while we were docked to another ship.” I left out the fact that it happened twice. The Gorgots discussed this revelation among themselves then turned back to me.

“You can rest in your room.” They led me to a small room with a tank of water.  There were cushions on the floor next to the tank.

“Thank you,” I said, not wanting to offend them. After they left I laid down on the cushions and stared at the ceiling.

“Tas?” I turned around. 

“Yes,” a crew member stood across from me holding an axe. Where on earth did he get that?

“It’s time to find an escape pod and go home.”

I smiled rather than hissing, “Thanks for the advice but I’m staying on board.”


“No,” I interjected.”This is my home and I won’t abandon ship just because some monster thinks she can do what she wants.”

With that I walked away. While I walked calmly through the halls passengers ran by with packs in hand to leave the ship. I returned from my quarters with my bo staff. Who knew I’d be using it for something other than practice? Martial arts was an ancient discipline that I studied. That didn’t make me invincible but it did lend me some confidence. At the very least I could land a blow on the bitch. My tail twitched in discomfort. 

I made it to the bridge of the ship. The captain was speaking with the security chief.

“I want her captured and confined to the brig.”

“Yes, sir.” The chief security officer left. Captain Ando turned toward me. “Tas, what brings you?”

“I would like to help the security team capture the vampire.”

“You’re welcome to try though I prefer if you evacuate instead.”

“Thank you, captain.”

“Be careful Tas.”

“I will be.” I left the bridge and contacted the security chief to let him know I was going to help. The chief told me to go to the cafeteria level. The security officers were in two groups each at the entrance to the cafeteria. They gave me a pair of cuffs in case there was an opportunity to capture the vampire. There were still some straggling members of the ship that were eating before evacuating. A growl announced the arrival of the vampire. She didn’t waste time taking on security. She snapped the neck of one officer who pointed a gun at her. Fires were shot as the vampire used super speed to knock out each security officer that went to attack her. I stood ready with my bo staff. I waited until the vampire rushed to the opposite end of the cafeteria. Without hesitation I confronted her and landed a blow. The vampire grabbed the end of my staff and broke a piece off so there was a ragged edge. Even broken I lunged at her with the bo staff. She blocked my hit with one hand. With the other she grabbed a knife that was in her pocket and flung it at me. I dodged the knife just barely. It grazed my side. I hissed from the pain and leaped forward with my bo staff angled at her heart. The vampire leapt to the side, evading my blow. The security team surrounded us on all sides and began closing in on the vampire she twisted and landed blows on each approaching officer. They all fell. I was the only one left. I charged on the vampire after she felled the last officer. I managed to bury the broken bo staff into her torso. She screamed from the pain. I took the opportunity to grab cuffs and capture her wrists. She struggled against my hold but was defeated by the pain of twisting. I put the cuffs on her and then placed my hand on her shoulder. Time to bring her to the brig.

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Vampire in Space Part 2: Fear and Hate

The Starburst was still headed in the direction of the Outer Rim. I hailed the ship to see if the vampire had been captured. There was no response. The escape pod I was in was barely just over the size of a sleeper pod. It was cramped to say the least. Outside I saw the other escape pods flying automatically to Crete. A hail came through as I passed the mining ships. I answered the hail, “Hello, this is Adriel.”

“Hello this is the crew of Blue Robin. Would you like to dock at our ship? We are headed toward the Outer Rim next.” Generally escape pods were like being trapped in a cage. People would offer travel to escape pods to present a less claustrophobic option. In the meanwhile the new passenger would share the gossip as to what happened to their ship. I would have no problem recounting the horror of the vampire attack for curious crew members. My escape pod docked on the Blue Robin. There was a clicking sound as the escape pod connected to the side of the ship. A rush of air and sanitizing spray entered the pod before the door opened for me to step out.

The room I entered was empty save for a crew member that came to greet me. She was a Felix Dominae, a cat-like bipedal species that greatly resembled the domestic cat.

“Welcome aboard, Adriel.” She purred as she spoke my name.

“Thank you, Miss?”

“You can call me Tas. Follow me.” Tas’s tail twitched slightly at the tip as she led me down a corridor that was free of advertisements. The ship must have pulled in funding from other sources.

Eventually we came to a lift which deposited us on the top floor. We entered a doorway into the bridge. Tas introduced me to the officers and captain.

Captain Ando said, “Tell us what happened to your ship?”

“I’m not sure you will believe me but-” I recounted the horrid affair. I spoke calmly as if the events happened to someone else. I was surprised by the end when I noticed I was wringing my hands.

“A vampire in space, huh?” The captain looked at the other officers.

Vampirism was found in a variety of species but none hailed from anywhere near this star system. The crew heard my tale with little interruption. Now that I was done a silence fell over the room. 

“Alright Adriel, you have been through enough. Why don’t you stay in your guest quarters and get comfortable.”

I didn’t argue and happily followed Tas to my room. The room boasted a bed and bathroom. There was no cooking unit. Soon I would have to leave to eat. I was not looking forward to it. Undoubtedly people would ask me questions I no longer felt like answering. I survived a traumatic event and had a remarkable sense of calm about the ordeal. I still remembered some of the bloody bodies I saw on my way out. I shook my head as if I were shaking off the dark thoughts.

When the time came to eat dinner I left my quarters. I followed the ship’s schematic to the mess hall. Tonight’s dinner was garlic tofu with rice and beans. The ancient tofu dish was tasty and a tad bit spicy.

“Tofu is my favorite.” Tas sat down across from me.

“My favorite is beef burger.”

“We only eat real food. No imitation beef based on long dead cows,” Tas used her chopsticks to pick up tofu and popped it in her mouth.

Dinner passed with little interruption. People didn’t notice me in the crowded mess hall filled with hundreds of people. For that I was thankful. Once done I bid Tas farewell and headed back to my quarters.

A hail came from the captain. I answered the call, “Hello Captain Ando.”

“Adriel, we are approaching the Starburst. Would you like us to hail and see how the crew is doing? I will keep the comlink open so you can hear them.”

I agreed knowing it would likely be radio silence again. 

“Hello this is Captain Ando from the Blue Robin. Do you need assistance?”

The viewing screen on the wall showed the Starburst floating nearby. Almost all the escape pods were ejected. 

“Hello this is captain Ando-“

“Hello this is Captain Wendel. Please allow me to board your ship.”

My breath hitched, captain Wendel was alive.

“Captain Wendel, we were informed there’s a hostile entity on your ship. Did you neutralize her?” 

Captain Wendel responded,”No she has not been neutralized. She has taken the lives of countless crew members and there’s a minute chance she will chase me to the escape pod. I’m abandoning our ship and cargo because while she is free she will kill and feed on anything in sight.”

“Alright Captain Wendel, if you can make it to an escape pod you’ll be allowed on this ship for safe passage to the Outer Rim.”

“Thank you Captain Ando.”

It was a few hours later when Captain Wendel contacted Captain Ando. “Captain, my escape pod isn’t operational. The only way I can come on the ship is if you dock it to mine.”

I was glad the bridge kept my com on line so I could hear the latest request. I immediately hailed the bridge, “Captain Ando, this is Adriel. I strongly suggest that you do not dock to the Starburst. The vampire can break into this ship and cause havoc.”

Captain Ando dignified my request with the response, “We have more security personnel, all will be fine.” There was nothing left to say now that my request had been denied. I waited to see what would happen.

The ship docked with the Starburst. The door to the Starburst opened after the sanispray was released. A lone female figure stood in the doorway. It was not captain Wendel.

Security personnel immediately tried to apprehend the vampire but she used her superior speed to dodge their weapons and cuffs. Until finally she ran past them to enter the ship. Immediately an intruder alert alarm was activated.

“Intruder alert, all non essential personnel please lockdown in your room or the immediate area.” The sounds of doors shutting nearby reminded me to lockdown my own room. I had been watching the docking on the display screen in my room. I tried to maintain a link to the bridge so I could see what happened next. Unfortunately the connection broke. A message went across the screen.

“Please remain in lockdown until the intruder is caught.”

I remembered the vampire’s strength and knew it was the luck of the draw whether she would choose to break down the door to my room. Outside the window I could see the docked Starburst. It disconnected from the Blue Robin and continued its course to the Outer Rim. Captain Wendel must have realized the vampire was no longer on board which meant she could haul the supplies and sell them on her own. The crew had abandoned the ship so they forfeited their portion of the profit. A part of me was disgusted that Captain Wendel would leave the Blue Robin with her problem. Still one had to hand it to her, she didn’t lose sight of her goals.

Screams erupted from the hall and the loud sound of banging metal soon joined the chorus of sounds. An alarm began ringing and the ship’s AI repeated, “Intruder alert,” over and over. I took a deep breath and looked at my bed. It was attached to the wall so I couldn’t put it in front of the door. A banging sound began to ring on the other side of my door. The metal was folding into the shape of a fist as the vampire banged on my door. Maybe if she got to me she’d just drink my blood and knock me out if I was lucky. Bang. Bang. A hole formed in the center of my door. I was out of options; there was only one door to my room. The sound of a gun going off caught my attention. If the vampire was shot she showed no indication of pain or recognition. The banging continued and my door continued to open wider and wider. My breathing increased speed, and the room began to spin. I had to put my hand on my chest to calm myself. I slowed my breath. Weaponless I raised my hands into fists just in time for my door to open up into a gaping hole large enough for the vampire to come through.

Her skin was pale and her hair a dark shroud pushed away from her face. Her ears were pointed. She hissed revealing fangs. I swallowed my breath catching in my throat. My hands were raised next to my face into fists. She came so fast I didn’t have time to even think let alone move. She stood directly in front of me and I attempted to punch her. My right hook didn’t even nudge her. Her body was like punching concrete. My hand immediately felt sharp pain. The vampire hissed and grabbed my neck. She raised me off the ground looking into my eyes with pure hatred. I didn’t understand how she disdained me. Whatever the reason for her anger, I soon began to see spots before my eyes. The world went black.

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Vampire in Space Part 1: Intruder

 Starburst had a minimal crew to ship the food from the world Crete to the Outer Rim.  I was not looking forward to this month’s trip as it pulled me away from my wife and kids. Still, the credits would help with finances at home. I sat in the mess hall eating some tubers and bug meat when Adriel walked in.

“Morning Wendel, how are you doing?”

“Eh, much the same as any launch date. You?”

“I’m looking forward to our trip through the Outer Rim. I heard there are some crazy life forms out there.”

“A couple of Gorgots aren’t so strange.”

The tentacled sentient life forms were rare to catch sight of. Still I bet they weren’t that exciting to meet. The ship’s priority was to get to the Outer Rim without too much interruption. There was a low likelihood for any encounters with aliens. The route we were taking through the asteroid fields was seldom taken except for mining ships. Our ship was capable of the maneuvers necessary to get through the fields just fine. I finished up the grubs on my plate and got up. 

“I’m headed to the bridge,” I put my plate in the sani-unit. Adriel saluted me, his mouth full.

The walk to the bridge was a quick one. Marketing advertisements for soda pop were following me as I approached the bridge. I could have dismissed the advertisements but I didn’t feel like spending the credit to keep the walls clear.

The cost of travel was paid for in part by the advertisements. I was not looking forward to being constantly bombarded with advertisements. The bridge was a blessedly quiet space. I walked to the helm and input my key card. The ship registered my identity.

“Welcome Captain Elena Wendel. Please confirm the coordinates for our heading are correct.”

“Coordinates confirmed.”

“Excellent, we are estimated to arrive in five cycles.”

Five cycles would be a cheap run. The only catch was we would be traveling through the Outer Rim. Hazardous space was an understatement. Oh who cares what could happen, the credits spoke louder than anything else. I rubbed my wrist where my credit chip was implanted. Soon I’d be making a profit off the delivery.

I took a seat and brought up the ship’s travel log. Everything was above board. The ship entered the asteroid field. We were on a different heading than originally planned to get through relatively unscathed. As we passed through there were other ships along the way. Ships parked on asteroids to gather metal deposits. We ignored the hail from one of the mining ships. It was after we reached the midpoint of the field that ships were no longer a presence.

A distress signal came up on the radar – an incessant chime that I had no choice but to pay attention to. The ship in need of help was adrift not tethered to anything.

“Hello, this is Captain Wendel, are you in need of assistance?”

No answer. I had to decide whether to let the ship remain adrift and press on or try to save the passengers. Tom, the ship’s engineer, broke my thoughts, “I say we dock them and take whatever valuables are left.”

“Tom, that’s not very kind. We can’t just take their resources.”

“Sure we can, they clearly died or something to be adrift and unreachable. I say we scrub it with sanispray and hop on over to collect the goods.” Tom had a point. We could use the extra credit from salvaged parts.

“Alright I’ll dock them.” I maneuvered the ship next to the port.

“Hello this is Captain Wendel, prepare to be boarded. Please note we will use sanispray on your ship. If the crew does not want a scrub done please respond.”

All that came after my words was silence. And so as we warned a sanispray cleaning was issued. Then I suited up and entered the other ship. We found a hull full of goods. The crew took what could be carried and the rest was marked for later pickup. Tom looked proud of himself.

“I told you they had resources we could grab.”

“I admit you were right. Now to find the right customer.”

Our ship’s display flashed red, “Warning, intruder alert.”

“There was no one on that ship, what are you talking about?”

“Intruder alert.”

Tom looked at a live ship schematic. A red dot was in the mess hall. I brought up a visual of the mess hall. On the screen there was a pale figure. Her hair came down to her waist. She wasn’t alone, a member of the crew was there. The crew member approached the pale figure. She opened her mouth, and a set of fangs became visible.

“Oh no, get out of there!”

The crew member couldn’t hear me. They didn’t get away. The creature bit their neck. When she was done feeding she dropped the crew member’s corpse and stared straight into the camera. She didn’t need to say, ‘I’m coming for you’ for me to get the message.

I put out an alert for all crew to shut themselves in their quarters until further notice. 

“Paging all security personnel, please come to the bridge.”

I waited in silence. Tom was no longer on the bridge. He went into lockdown in his room. The security personnel arrived. I pulled up a live schematic of the ship. The red dot was the intruder. All other people showed up as green dots.

The mess hall just below the bridge had been cleared. Now the intruder was coming up a level to the greenhouse.

“Everyone, I want you to do your best to contain the threat. Capture her alive or, if you have to, kill her.”

We discussed strategies for how to catch the intruder. Then the security personnel left my side. I was the only person on the bridge.

The ship was still docked next to the ship we looted. My best guess was that the creature came from the ship. How come there were no bodies left? Would there be nothing left on this ship too? I shut down that train of thought. I disengaged our ship from the drifter we foolishly plundered. Then put us back on course for the outer rim.

“Captain, we have her surrounded in the garden.”

“Good job, team.”

“Wait-oh gods-no!” Crunch. Squish. Crunch.

“Adriel? Are you there?” I brought up a visual of the garden. The bodies of the security team were in a pile of arms and legs. Blood oozed out from beneath the limbs. A quick look at the ship’s map revealed that the vampire was now traveling through the pool deck.

The pool deck was six levels below the bridge. My hand shook as I put the schematic screen down. The vampire, for what else would I call it, went up in levels inching closer to the bridge. A string of gory bodies were left behind. I was afraid and suddenly regretted ignoring that one ship’s hail. What if they were trying to warn us?

“Captain, please let me in.” Adriel was standing outside the bridge door. I pushed a button to open the door. Adriel was holding a gun.

I leaned back in my chair and looked at the gun,”Do you think that will be enough to stop her?”

“I hope it will slow her down enough that I can escape. Speaking of escape, you should have the passengers use the escape pods to get away.”

“An evacuation of that magnitude would decrease our sales output. The ad campaigns are what fuel this ship and get us food.”

Adriel crossed his arms, “Captain if you fail to protect the people on board there may not be any revenue. It’s time to set aside your obsession with credits.”

I sighed and put on the loudspeaker for a ship wide announcement, “Hello, this is Captain Wendel. Please make your way to the escape pods as we have a hostile on board. Again this is Captain Wendel please evacuate the ship, thank you.”

I set an alarm that rang through the ship. Lights in different colors would lead the passengers to the escape pods. There was a purple glow on my ceiling that made a trail to the door. I wasn’t planning on leaving the ship. Alone I could take the ship to a market and sell the goods thereby making a commission.

Adriel looked me over,”You’re not coming are you?”

“Nope,” I didn’t add that I had a family to take care of.

“Alright, stay safe.” Adriel left. The doors shut behind him. Thoughts of my wife and kids haunted me. The kids begged me not to go on this trip. My wife smiled at me at dinner. Her secret eyes told me a story about what she intended to do once we went to bed. I was barking mad to stay. Still I had the ship’s schematic open. The red dot came ever closer. Almost all the escape pods were gone.

There were hardly any green dots left in the ship’s schematic.  With Adriel and Tom gone I was short a security team member and an engineer. I knew Adriel made it off the ship. Tom was still alive in his room. My hands shook as I checked the ship for the remaining passengers. Somehow there was still someone left alive on the pool deck. I paged the passenger, “Hello this is captain Wendel. Do you need assistance?”


“Hello, I repeat, do you need assistance?”


Hm, is this passenger still alive? Why are they showing green?

“Captain it’s me Tom.”

“What happened, I thought you were in lockdown?”

“The vampire was breaking through doors into rooms. I escaped mine before she got to my room.”

“Do you think you can make it to the bridge?”

“Yes captain, I’m on my way.” Tom took a lift to get to the bridge.

I watched the red dot in the ship’s schematic, she made it to the floor just below the bridge. The ship’s cafeteria was empty save for the food. The vampire passed the food and searched the cafeteria. The red dot moved back and forth. I wondered if as she walked advertisements followed her. Inevitably she made her way to the hallway that led to the bridge. Tom’s green dot made it to the door of the bridge. Quickly I opened the door for him. He rushed in and the door shut behind him quickly.

“Do you have a gun?” I asked.

“Yes, you?”

“I have one.”

“What will we do when she gets here?” Tom removed the safety from his gun.

“Hope to the gods the laser blast from our guns kills her.”

Although the door was locked the both of us expected her to break through. A loud bang announced that the vampire had reached the door. I aimed my gun at the door. The vampire punched the door – the banging became visible as a dent appeared in the center of the door. I swallowed hard and took a breath. Bang, bang, bang.

The door began to separate. I removed the safety off the gun. A click sounded as the gun revved up. The door separated and the vampire ran into the room. I shot as quickly as I could and so did Tom, but we both missed. The vampire hissed and approached me. I shot again and the vampire kept coming. Tom jumped in the vampire’s path and shot. The vampire sputtered and hissed. Steam came off her wound. Despite the gaping wound in her stomach she surged forward and grabbed Tom. He screamed before she snapped his neck and drained his blood. I shot her as many times as I could before she approached me. I struggled with her. Her strength outstretched my own as she pushed my arms flush to my sides and bit my neck. Everything went black.

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I’ve finished my rough draft!

Recently I’ve been writing more of Vampire in Space and Dreams of a World Unknown. The switch between science fiction and fantasy genres is a fun hop. I wrote the conclusion of Dreams of a World Unknown. I haven’t finished a book since high school so it’s a big accomplishment. Now I have to focus on editing the rough draft.

I’m hoping that with each new book I write I’ll be better at putting stories together. A lot of authors I listen to on podcasts took a long time to write their first book. Right now I have a rough draft finished and I need the editing done to move forward with publishing.

Publishing has been a dream of mine since I was 12 years old. I was first inspired by Orson Scott Card and Anne McCaffrey. Their stories changed my life and the way I looked at the world. To me books are sacred. Even works of fiction have the power to change how we look at the world. I believe the right book can help people grow their empathy and seek a better path. 

How have books impacted your journey? Leave a comment below.

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New Chapter Released for Free

This week was tough, we had severe flooding in my corner of the world. Thankfully my house still has power and I got a day off work. That down time was time that I utilized to relax and write. Today I posted chapter 1 of Vampire in Space on my Patreon. The previous parts were the prologue. In chapter 1 we encounter Ela in the prison she was assigned to. If you want to read the chapter for free please go to my Patreon. Recently I’ve been keeping up with writing Dreams of a World Unknown so I’ve been writing two stories at once. I’ve been reading Tag Team by SJD Peterson. During my down time I’m watching That Time I got Reincarnated as a Slime (that’s an anime). I love fantasy stories set in another world and for that matter I love science fiction too.

My love for science fiction and fantasy led to Vampire in Space (which was first inspired by a dream I had). Originally it was going to be a short story, but once I started writing it I had too much fun to let it end. I wanted to know more about the vampire Ela, I wanted to see her grow and change. Now in addition to Dreams of a World Unknown I may have another novel on my hands.

If you read Vampire in Space I would love to hear your feedback. You can comment below or on the story itself.

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When Steamy Scenes Fall Flat

During the course of reading Gena Showalter’s Atlantis Series Bundle I came across a sex scene that left me irritated. The reason why was that it was generic and highly cheesy. Instead of quoting to you the scene I’ll simply state that the woman was a virgin and the guy with her was happy to be her first. That’s cute, but what wasn’t cute was the dialogue surrounding her untouched state. Supposedly the guy had trouble committing but this was the first time he wanted to stay. Now the lovemaking itself was highly generic with the typical predictable foreplay in a romance sex scene. The standard playing with nipples to arouse, fingering the girl, and oh yay let’s go down on her. Not that I’m against foreplay but when you read the same version of a sex scene everytime you read romance it can get quite old. I realize there are some stalwart fans out there that just want more of the same, but for me personally I want something different.

My friend recommended I read an Erotica called Carrie’s Story. She said I won’t be bored by the sex scenes and it’s well written. I haven’t started reading Carrie’s Story yet, but it does leave me thinking about my own sex scenes. Will someone read what I wrote and be bored? I sure as heck hope not. Maybe I’m non traditional and when I publish I’ll reach my own tribe of people who say no to stereotypical sex scenes and celebrate the kinky lifestyles of the characters. Here’s to hoping.

What sex scenes have you read that you really enjoyed?

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Soul Mates Falling Out of Love

I’m currently reading When He Was Wicked by Julia Quinn. That book follows Francesca as she searches for a new husband and the Earl Kilmartin as he attempts to hide his romantic feelings for Francesca. I know how the book will end but it’s still an interesting journey watching them fall in love. 

In the book I’m writing the main character is falling out of love with her soulmate. The dissolution of that relationship feels like a step by step process with similar beats to two characters falling in love. I must confess watching the journey of these two soul mates is frustrating because I don’t want them to be at such odds, but it’s the only way they can be. I’m curious as to whether there will be a fanbase for a story such as this. I know I’ve grown accustomed to love stories being the same, each beat a predictable part of a journey through courtship. It’s pleasing to see something different and I wonder who my main character will fall for and what that will look like when it happens. This first book isn’t about romance growing, but I know my main character will eventually fall in love with someone. I hope that that romance will be a departure from the norm yet still pleasing. My hope is to introduce something different and enjoyable with LGBTQ themes.

Would you like to read a story about soul mates falling out of love?

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What I’m Watching and Working on

Recently I’ve been watching the show Transparent on Prime video. The show follows a trans woman, Maura, throughout her transition. I have to say the show does a good job of addressing Maura’s experience. The viewer follows Maura through rejection from family members to acceptance from friends and family. I find myself glued to the show because I want to see the trans experience and the LGBT+ experience. The show also has a bisexual character, Maura’s daughter, Sarah. The one thing I dislike about Sarah’s story is that she is depicted as being indecisive about what she wants and I feel like that is a stereotype about bisexual people. You can be bisexual and know what you want. Perhaps if I keep watching she will get to that point.

In the story I’m writing now, Dreams of a World Unknown, there are bisexual characters and the main character learns she is bisexual. It’s a rough draft still so there’s nothing to share quite yet, but I look forward to sharing it in the future. I’ve still been in a writing slump where although I’m writing it’s not a lot at one time. My schedule isn’t working anymore because recently I’ve been falling straight asleep rather than writing on my phone before bed. 

You’d be surprised to know how much of my writing is done on my cell phone. Even my blog posts are written on my cell phone a good portion of the time. Using my cell phone opens up new places and times for me to write. Hopefully I can figure something out that works. I look forward to depicting strong bisexual characters who have flaws but carve their own path. 

What stories and shows have diverse character representation that you enjoy? Feel free to leave a comment below.