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When Steamy Scenes Fall Flat

During the course of reading Gena Showalter’s Atlantis Series Bundle I came across a sex scene that left me irritated. The reason why was that it was generic and highly cheesy. Instead of quoting to you the scene I’ll simply state that the woman was a virgin and the guy with her was happy to be her first. That’s cute, but what wasn’t cute was the dialogue surrounding her untouched state. Supposedly the guy had trouble committing but this was the first time he wanted to stay. Now the lovemaking itself was highly generic with the typical predictable foreplay in a romance sex scene. The standard playing with nipples to arouse, fingering the girl, and oh yay let’s go down on her. Not that I’m against foreplay but when you read the same version of a sex scene everytime you read romance it can get quite old. I realize there are some stalwart fans out there that just want more of the same, but for me personally I want something different.

My friend recommended I read an Erotica called Carrie’s Story. She said I won’t be bored by the sex scenes and it’s well written. I haven’t started reading Carrie’s Story yet, but it does leave me thinking about my own sex scenes. Will someone read what I wrote and be bored? I sure as heck hope not. Maybe I’m non traditional and when I publish I’ll reach my own tribe of people who say no to stereotypical sex scenes and celebrate the kinky lifestyles of the characters. Here’s to hoping.

What sex scenes have you read that you really enjoyed?