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New Chapter Released for Free

This week was tough, we had severe flooding in my corner of the world. Thankfully my house still has power and I got a day off work. That down time was time that I utilized to relax and write. Today I posted chapter 1 of Vampire in Space on my Patreon. The previous parts were the prologue. In chapter 1 we encounter Ela in the prison she was assigned to. If you want to read the chapter for free please go to my Patreon. Recently I’ve been keeping up with writing Dreams of a World Unknown so I’ve been writing two stories at once. I’ve been reading Tag Team by SJD Peterson. During my down time I’m watching That Time I got Reincarnated as a Slime (that’s an anime). I love fantasy stories set in another world and for that matter I love science fiction too.

My love for science fiction and fantasy led to Vampire in Space (which was first inspired by a dream I had). Originally it was going to be a short story, but once I started writing it I had too much fun to let it end. I wanted to know more about the vampire Ela, I wanted to see her grow and change. Now in addition to Dreams of a World Unknown I may have another novel on my hands.

If you read Vampire in Space I would love to hear your feedback. You can comment below or on the story itself.

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What I’m working on now

Last weekend was Mother’s Day, I forgot to wish a happy Mother’s Day to everyone so happy belated Mother’s Day! When you read this I’ll have just gotten back from seeing my mother and aunt. I went on a four day trip to see them. 

Speaking of trips, part three of Vampire in Space is still in the works. We will see everything from Adriel’s perspective. I will post part three for free on my Patreon. Thank you to my patrons for your support. Your support helps me to continue my work.

I’m still writing Dreams of a World Unknown. I’ve been writing at a crawl with little direction for the scenes. I’ve been having an easier time writing Vampire in Space. My main goal has been to finish writing a full novel. I’ve heard of authors taking years to finish their first book. Hopefully this year is the year the book gets finished.

I’d say I’m more than ready to finish my book. Sharing it with the world will be the next step. Correction editing the book would be my next step. There’s so much that goes into having a polished story. I am glad I have the resources to get the story to where it needs to be.

Please feel free to leave a comment below.