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Diversity in Books and TV

Last weekend I celebrated my mom’s birthday. She visited me and we had a good time relaxing in each other’s company. In honor of her birthday I am posting the next part of Vampire in Space for free on my Patreon

Recently I have been reading The Bridgerton Series. I saw The Bridgertons on Netflix first and when I found out the show was based on a book I had to go read the books too. There was a major factor that disappointed me about the books and that was that the characters weren’t diverse like in the show. The duke was not a black man like in the show. There were no women of color or a queen even. Mrs. Whistledown was revealed far earlier in the show than in the books. Parts of the plot were also different. I like both the books and the show, but I actually like the show better for its diversity. I was truly happy to see characters of color in a period show.

I try to include a diverse cast of characters in all of my books. It’s important to have representation in a work in my opinion. I know that it means a lot to many readers and it certainly means a lot to me. One of my favorite ways to include diversity is to include Asian male leads, which is not common in American media. I studied East Asian culture in college so I like to include elements of East Asian culture in my work. I even learned Chinese and became fluent in it 我还能说普通话 (I can still speak Mandarin). If I could go back to school I would study even more languages like Korean and Japanese. I love learning languages which makes me somewhat tempted to create my own language for one of my series.

Anyway I hope my love of diversity and culture is reflected well in my future books and that my readers will enjoy that aspect of my work. What sort of representation would you like to see in books? Feel free to leave a comment below.

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The Opposite of a Romantic Arc

Lazy, bedridden, unacceptable. I’m hazy when I get out of bed. My word count has barely inched up and I’m ready to go on a vacation just to take a break. Writing hasn’t been easy lately. I don’t know if this is pandemic related mental exhaustion or just me losing gas. One thing is for sure, I need a pick me up. Good thing I’ve been reading Julia Quinns’ Bridgerton series. Despite my low mood I find myself laughing at the characters slow orbit into love. No matter what mood I’m in, a good book is always a good way to improve my mood. The Bridgerton series is a historical romance, which is different from my usual reading material fantasy. I love a good romance though in fantasy or another genre. 

My love for reading romance makes me wonder about my book Dreams of a World Unknown which is basically like an anti romance. If anything you watch the main character grow to hate her true love and as the audience you can’t blame her. I’m not entirely sure when the romantic arc comes in, but certainly not in the first book. Maybe that’s why in some ways Dreams of a World Unknown is hard for me sometimes to wrap my head around. I’m so used to reading romantic arcs that end positively. Still, I feel like this story has its place in the world. People fall out of love and certainly doing so prior to falling for someone new is kind of important to letting the wrong person go in order to make room for the right person. 

Would you read an anti romance arc if it was well written? Do you think watching a character fall out of love could be a good read? Let me know in the comments below.

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Angels and Demons in Fiction

Whether you read science fiction or fantasy there’s a lot of books out there to suit your needs. I haven’t read science fiction in a while, I’ve been on an urban fantasy kick. Richelle Mead has several series out that I have been powering my way through. Currently I’m reading the Succubus series. The main character Georgina is a succubus that fell in love with a mortal. In Mead’s universe succubi can’t control their feeding. This leads to complications in the romance department as she does not want to take years off her lover’s life.

What really captures me as a reader is the way Mead builds this world of immortals who represent heaven and hell. On top of romance issues Georgina is bound to a contract with hell. Her immortal obligations impact her life. There are times when she is pulled away from work to do as her demon bids. Georgina is a member of a hierarchy that ensures evil is brought into the world. As a main character Georgina is flawed and bound to a system of corruption she can’t leave. These rules that she must uphold make for an interesting read. Normally heroes are on the side of good. To have a character be on the side of evil is refreshing. Watching Georgina attempt to be good despite her contract with hell is compelling.

I have characters that are part of hell and who strive to fit their own definition of good. In my book demons aren’t fallen angels but a different species entirely. Demons have their own cultures and rules. I also set up angels with their own culture and rules. They are based not on biblical hierarchies but on my own thoughts regarding how each species would fare in a multiverse with multiple gods and religions.

Speaking of my book I’m still inching along with my word count. Recently I have had more fun writing the short story Vampire in Space (I know it’s a cheesy name). Although I like writing and reading about angels and demons. What kind of depictions of angels and demons have you enjoyed? Feel free to leave a comment below.

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What I’m working on now

Last weekend was Mother’s Day, I forgot to wish a happy Mother’s Day to everyone so happy belated Mother’s Day! When you read this I’ll have just gotten back from seeing my mother and aunt. I went on a four day trip to see them. 

Speaking of trips, part three of Vampire in Space is still in the works. We will see everything from Adriel’s perspective. I will post part three for free on my Patreon. Thank you to my patrons for your support. Your support helps me to continue my work.

I’m still writing Dreams of a World Unknown. I’ve been writing at a crawl with little direction for the scenes. I’ve been having an easier time writing Vampire in Space. My main goal has been to finish writing a full novel. I’ve heard of authors taking years to finish their first book. Hopefully this year is the year the book gets finished.

I’d say I’m more than ready to finish my book. Sharing it with the world will be the next step. Correction editing the book would be my next step. There’s so much that goes into having a polished story. I am glad I have the resources to get the story to where it needs to be.

Please feel free to leave a comment below.

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Vampire in Space Part II

Part II of Vampire in Space has been released on my Patreon for the paid tier. I hope my patrons enjoy it. I have been thinking of releasing more short stories based on the Vampire in Space world. I know the title is silly, but it plainly states what the story is about. I want to make the whole story free for people who sign up for my newsletter, but I’m still struggling to get the newsletter set up. There’s some technical stuff I have to sort out to set up the newsletter. Hopefully I can set that up sooner rather than later.

I’m still in the process of writing the tentatively titled, Dreams of a World Unknown. I plan to share exclusive previews of excerpts of the story on my Patreon for patrons. If any of you are interested in seeing exclusive excerpts on my website let me know in the comments below. Thank you for following my writer journey. I’m hopeful that soon I’ll finish my novel and have my first book to share with you sometime this year. 

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Vampire in Space Part 1

My dreams have been the inspiration for most if not all my stories. Vivid dreams about life in other worlds has led me to write and draw what I’ve seen. In my last post I discussed a dream I had of a vampire attack aboard a spaceship. That dream inspired me to write a short story about the attack. The story will be released in two parts on my Patreon.

 The first part of the short story will be free and the second part will be part of the paid tier on my patreon. Here is part one below:

Starburst had a minimal crew to ship the food from the world Crete to the Outer Rim.  I was not looking forward to this month’s trip as it pulled me away from my wife and kids. Still, the credits would help with finances at home. I sat in the mess hall eating some tubers and bug meat when Adriel walked in.

“Morning Wendel, how are you doing?”

“Eh, much the same as any launch date. You?”

“I’m looking forward to our trip through the Outer Rim. I heard there are some crazy life forms out there.”

“A couple of Gorgots aren’t so strange.”

The tentacled sentient life forms were rare to catch sight of. Still I bet they weren’t that exciting to meet. The ship’s priority was to get to the Outer Rim without too much interruption. There was a low likelihood for any encounters with aliens. The route we were taking through the asteroid fields was seldom taken except for mining ships. Our ship was capable of the maneuvers necessary to get through the fields just fine. I finished up the grubs on my plate and got up. 

“I’m headed to the bridge,” I put my plate in the sani-unit. Adriel saluted me, his mouth full.

The walk to the bridge was a quick one. Marketing advertisements for soda pop were following me as I approached the bridge. I could have dismissed the advertisements but I didn’t feel like spending the credit to keep the walls clear.

The cost of travel was paid for in part by the advertisements. I was not looking forward to being constantly bombarded with advertisements. The bridge was a blessedly quiet space. I walked to the helm and input my key card. The ship registered my identity.

“Welcome Captain Ella Wendel. Please confirm the coordinates for our heading are correct.”

“Coordinates confirmed.”

“Excellent, we are estimated to arrive in five cycles.”

Five cycles would be a cheap run. The only catch was we would be traveling through the Outer Rim. Hazardous space was an understatement. Oh who cares what could happen, the credits spoke louder than anything else. I rubbed my wrist where my credit chip was implanted. Soon I’d be making a profit off the delivery.

I took a seat and brought up the ship’s travel log. Everything was above board. The ship entered the asteroid field. We were on a different heading than originally planned to get through relatively unscathed. As we passed through there were other ships along the way. Ships parked on asteroids to gather metal deposits. We ignored the hail from one of the mining ships. It was after we reached the midpoint of the field that ships were no longer a presence.

A distress signal came up on the radar – an incessant chime that I had no choice but to pay attention to. The ship in need of help was adrift not tethered to anything.

“Hello, this is captain Wendel, are you in need of assistance?”

No answer. I had to decide whether to let the ship remain adrift and press on or try to save the passengers. Tom, the ship’s engineer, broke my thoughts, “I say we dock them and take whatever valuables are left.”

“Tom, that’s not very kind. We can’t just take their resources.”

“Sure we can, they clearly died or something to be adrift and unreachable. I say we scrub it with sanispray and hop on over to collect the goods.” Tom had a point. We could use the extra credit from salvaged parts.

“Alright I’ll dock them.” I maneuvered the ship next to the port.

“Hello this is Captain Wendel, prepare to be boarded. Please note we will use sanispray on your ship. If the crew does not want a scrub done please respond.”

All that came after my words was silence. And so as we warned a sanispray cleaning was issued. Then I suited up and entered the other ship. We found a hull full of goods. The crew took what could be carried and the rest was marked for later pickup. Tom looked proud of himself.

“I told you they had resources we could grab.”

“I admit you were right. Now to find the right customer.”

Our ship’s display flashed red, “Warning, intruder alert.”

“There was no one on that ship, what are you talking about?”

“Intruder alert.”

Tom looked at a live ship schematic, a red dot was in the mess hall. I brought up a visual of the mess hall. On the screen there was a pale figure. Her hair came down to her waist. She wasn’t alone, a member of the crew was there. The crew member approached the pale figure. She opened her mouth, a set of fangs became visible.

“Oh no, get out of there!”

The crew member couldn’t hear me. They didn’t get away. The creature bit their neck. When she was done feeding she dropped the crew member’s corpse and stared straight into the camera. She didn’t need to say, ‘I’m coming for you’ for me to get the message.

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When Characters Exercise Free Will

Fate is a theme that comes up in my work. The question arises whether characters have free will or if they have only one predestined choice. I would like to say they are free but sometimes in the process of writing I find only one choice can be made. I’ve had characters act outside the predetermined plot changing the entire story. One such instance a brazen character named El brought a dragon to battle which changed the plot of two books in two separate series. Originally I thought El was an enemy of all dragons. The story proved me wrong and grew more interesting as now I had factions amongst the dragons for and against El.

El is a character in my series multiverse that shows up in various stories. I have three separate series that refer to him and one in which he is a main antagonist. He is a good example of how characters can change plots because he consistently acts in unexpected ways. I write my fiction but my fiction also has its own voice. I look forward to discovering more about my book’s world and sharing that world with you.

What characters have you read about that shaped a story in unexpected ways?

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My Dreams Inspire Stories

The current story I’m writing is based on my dreams. They are highly inspirational. Often I’m able to do things I can’t in real life, like fly or attack someone with energy shooting out from my hands; I’m the hero trying to save lives or running from an enemy. One dream from years ago stands out to me. My consciousness was traveling through space and brought me to a station with a forcefield. On the other side of that forcefield was a vampire who wanted to get through the defenses so she could feed on the human that was there. A change in the field gave that vampire access she ran right past me to find and attack the person on board. I tried to run past her to get to the person but the vampire was faster. In that dream I failed to protect the innocent.

A dream like that makes me think of a horror story set in space where a person is sharing a ship with a deadly vampire on board. It could definitely get some reads. Especially because the vampire is a predator and not a romantic interest. I feel like some people would find that refreshing. Don’t get me wrong I enjoy a good vampire romance, The Black Dagger Brotherhood comes to mind, but there is also a group of people who want to see the horror side of the vampire. They drink blood and threaten humanity’s existence with their superior skills (depending on the story).

What kind of vampire stories would you like to see? Share in the comments below.

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I’m Back, Check Out What I’m Writing and Reading

After a hiatus since 2018 I’m finally returning to share my thoughts and stories with you.  Today I’m 45653 words into my book. 

I’m writing a fantasy story about a call center agent who discovers she is a goddess. Andara’s journey is a dark tour through the underworld and an isolated view of heaven. Readers will sympathize with her while also hating what her enemies have done.

I’m always reading while writing and the Dark Swan, an Urban Fantasy series, by Richelle Mead was a fun adventure. I found the Dark Swan series intriguing for the travel Eugenie made from human earth to the otherworld beyond it. Two worlds so close to each other yet home to completely different cultures and people. From Shaman to Fairy Queen you follow Eugenie the main character into the fairy realms where she has to fight to protect the people she loves. I love the character arc where you watch Eugenie’s identity and worldview change. I also like the romantic element of the series where the main character falls in love with two men. I like to write stories where the character’s romantic interest is more than one person.

In my story the main character has to combat her own feelings about certain people from her past. Further she is surrounded by options for her romantic interest. Sometimes the best a character can do is not give into temptation. Andara needs time to heal and adjust to her new world.

Share what your favorite books are in the comments below. I’d love to hear what series you like and what you like about them.

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The Dragon Writers: First Prompt

  The Sci-fi/Fantasy Writers’ group I founded is The Dragon Writers, to honor Anne McCaffrey, who wrote both Fantasy and Science Fiction. The title of the group is a nod to her story The Dragonriders of Pern.


  If you haven’t read the series I recommend reading the first book. I became so immersed in her world I started role-playing as a dragon rider. That’s the kind of writing we want to do, the kind that builds a loyal fan base.


  The standard writing sample for the group is 2 pages double-spaced. Writing a short vignette for the group allows members time to go over each story and obtain individualized feedback. The advantage of getting used to writing short stories is that you learn to write concisely and to cut out what isn’t relevant.


Remember, you can follow the prompt or if it strikes your imagination do something of your own.


The prompt is “Robot” and the following is a series of questions you can use to jog your creativity.


  • Is your robot sophisticated or simple?
  • How intelligent is it?
  • What is it made of?
  • What is your robot’s purpose?
  • How are robots used in your society?
  • Is your robot’s society technologically advanced or magical?
  • How do people define robots in contrast to the native species of your world in your story?
  • How do people relate to robots?


If you need ideas for this topic Isaac Asimov is one of the foremost authors known for compelling stories featuring robots. His world building is also fantastic.


(The original prompt was given to the live group in April 2018.)