Books in Progress

The Alter Mysteries: Death Shadow

(The first book of The Alter Mysteries that gives a more in-depth view of the serial killer arc in the flash fiction series.)

Zara is one of few paranormals in the near future of the United States. In her time people know paranormals with psychic abilities exist, but a tense peace exists with them. Zara’s job is to hunt down paranormal criminals and ensure the peace remains. However, a paranormal serial killer threatens to upend the delicate peace and throws Zara into a cosmic war with the gods of old.

Publish Date: To be decided


The Dark Prince (Tentative Title)

Albus is a dark elf elected to marry the next Queen. Due to a miscalculated political act, he becomes subject to an enemy princess’s whims. Albus must avoid capture while helping her to find a cure for a curse placed upon their kingdoms. Will they find the cure on time, or will he lose his life?