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I’ve finished my rough draft!

Recently I’ve been writing more of Vampire in Space and Dreams of a World Unknown. The switch between science fiction and fantasy genres is a fun hop. I wrote the conclusion of Dreams of a World Unknown. I haven’t finished a book since high school so it’s a big accomplishment. Now I have to focus on editing the rough draft.

I’m hoping that with each new book I write I’ll be better at putting stories together. A lot of authors I listen to on podcasts took a long time to write their first book. Right now I have a rough draft finished and I need the editing done to move forward with publishing.

Publishing has been a dream of mine since I was 12 years old. I was first inspired by Orson Scott Card and Anne McCaffrey. Their stories changed my life and the way I looked at the world. To me books are sacred. Even works of fiction have the power to change how we look at the world. I believe the right book can help people grow their empathy and seek a better path. 

How have books impacted your journey? Leave a comment below.

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New Chapter Released for Free

This week was tough, we had severe flooding in my corner of the world. Thankfully my house still has power and I got a day off work. That down time was time that I utilized to relax and write. Today I posted chapter 1 of Vampire in Space on my Patreon. The previous parts were the prologue. In chapter 1 we encounter Ela in the prison she was assigned to. If you want to read the chapter for free please go to my Patreon. Recently I’ve been keeping up with writing Dreams of a World Unknown so I’ve been writing two stories at once. I’ve been reading Tag Team by SJD Peterson. During my down time I’m watching That Time I got Reincarnated as a Slime (that’s an anime). I love fantasy stories set in another world and for that matter I love science fiction too.

My love for science fiction and fantasy led to Vampire in Space (which was first inspired by a dream I had). Originally it was going to be a short story, but once I started writing it I had too much fun to let it end. I wanted to know more about the vampire Ela, I wanted to see her grow and change. Now in addition to Dreams of a World Unknown I may have another novel on my hands.

If you read Vampire in Space I would love to hear your feedback. You can comment below or on the story itself.

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When Steamy Scenes Fall Flat

During the course of reading Gena Showalter’s Atlantis Series Bundle I came across a sex scene that left me irritated. The reason why was that it was generic and highly cheesy. Instead of quoting to you the scene I’ll simply state that the woman was a virgin and the guy with her was happy to be her first. That’s cute, but what wasn’t cute was the dialogue surrounding her untouched state. Supposedly the guy had trouble committing but this was the first time he wanted to stay. Now the lovemaking itself was highly generic with the typical predictable foreplay in a romance sex scene. The standard playing with nipples to arouse, fingering the girl, and oh yay let’s go down on her. Not that I’m against foreplay but when you read the same version of a sex scene everytime you read romance it can get quite old. I realize there are some stalwart fans out there that just want more of the same, but for me personally I want something different.

My friend recommended I read an Erotica called Carrie’s Story. She said I won’t be bored by the sex scenes and it’s well written. I haven’t started reading Carrie’s Story yet, but it does leave me thinking about my own sex scenes. Will someone read what I wrote and be bored? I sure as heck hope not. Maybe I’m non traditional and when I publish I’ll reach my own tribe of people who say no to stereotypical sex scenes and celebrate the kinky lifestyles of the characters. Here’s to hoping.

What sex scenes have you read that you really enjoyed?

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Soul Mates Falling Out of Love

I’m currently reading When He Was Wicked by Julia Quinn. That book follows Francesca as she searches for a new husband and the Earl Kilmartin as he attempts to hide his romantic feelings for Francesca. I know how the book will end but it’s still an interesting journey watching them fall in love. 

In the book I’m writing the main character is falling out of love with her soulmate. The dissolution of that relationship feels like a step by step process with similar beats to two characters falling in love. I must confess watching the journey of these two soul mates is frustrating because I don’t want them to be at such odds, but it’s the only way they can be. I’m curious as to whether there will be a fanbase for a story such as this. I know I’ve grown accustomed to love stories being the same, each beat a predictable part of a journey through courtship. It’s pleasing to see something different and I wonder who my main character will fall for and what that will look like when it happens. This first book isn’t about romance growing, but I know my main character will eventually fall in love with someone. I hope that that romance will be a departure from the norm yet still pleasing. My hope is to introduce something different and enjoyable with LGBTQ themes.

Would you like to read a story about soul mates falling out of love?

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What I’m Watching and Working on

Recently I’ve been watching the show Transparent on Prime video. The show follows a trans woman, Maura, throughout her transition. I have to say the show does a good job of addressing Maura’s experience. The viewer follows Maura through rejection from family members to acceptance from friends and family. I find myself glued to the show because I want to see the trans experience and the LGBT+ experience. The show also has a bisexual character, Maura’s daughter, Sarah. The one thing I dislike about Sarah’s story is that she is depicted as being indecisive about what she wants and I feel like that is a stereotype about bisexual people. You can be bisexual and know what you want. Perhaps if I keep watching she will get to that point.

In the story I’m writing now, Dreams of a World Unknown, there are bisexual characters and the main character learns she is bisexual. It’s a rough draft still so there’s nothing to share quite yet, but I look forward to sharing it in the future. I’ve still been in a writing slump where although I’m writing it’s not a lot at one time. My schedule isn’t working anymore because recently I’ve been falling straight asleep rather than writing on my phone before bed. 

You’d be surprised to know how much of my writing is done on my cell phone. Even my blog posts are written on my cell phone a good portion of the time. Using my cell phone opens up new places and times for me to write. Hopefully I can figure something out that works. I look forward to depicting strong bisexual characters who have flaws but carve their own path. 

What stories and shows have diverse character representation that you enjoy? Feel free to leave a comment below.

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Diversity in Books and TV

Last weekend I celebrated my mom’s birthday. She visited me and we had a good time relaxing in each other’s company. In honor of her birthday I am posting the next part of Vampire in Space for free on my Patreon

Recently I have been reading The Bridgerton Series. I saw The Bridgertons on Netflix first and when I found out the show was based on a book I had to go read the books too. There was a major factor that disappointed me about the books and that was that the characters weren’t diverse like in the show. The duke was not a black man like in the show. There were no women of color or a queen even. Mrs. Whistledown was revealed far earlier in the show than in the books. Parts of the plot were also different. I like both the books and the show, but I actually like the show better for its diversity. I was truly happy to see characters of color in a period show.

I try to include a diverse cast of characters in all of my books. It’s important to have representation in a work in my opinion. I know that it means a lot to many readers and it certainly means a lot to me. One of my favorite ways to include diversity is to include Asian male leads, which is not common in American media. I studied East Asian culture in college so I like to include elements of East Asian culture in my work. I even learned Chinese and became fluent in it 我还能说普通话 (I can still speak Mandarin). If I could go back to school I would study even more languages like Korean and Japanese. I love learning languages which makes me somewhat tempted to create my own language for one of my series.

Anyway I hope my love of diversity and culture is reflected well in my future books and that my readers will enjoy that aspect of my work. What sort of representation would you like to see in books? Feel free to leave a comment below.

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The Opposite of a Romantic Arc

Lazy, bedridden, unacceptable. I’m hazy when I get out of bed. My word count has barely inched up and I’m ready to go on a vacation just to take a break. Writing hasn’t been easy lately. I don’t know if this is pandemic related mental exhaustion or just me losing gas. One thing is for sure, I need a pick me up. Good thing I’ve been reading Julia Quinns’ Bridgerton series. Despite my low mood I find myself laughing at the characters slow orbit into love. No matter what mood I’m in, a good book is always a good way to improve my mood. The Bridgerton series is a historical romance, which is different from my usual reading material fantasy. I love a good romance though in fantasy or another genre. 

My love for reading romance makes me wonder about my book Dreams of a World Unknown which is basically like an anti romance. If anything you watch the main character grow to hate her true love and as the audience you can’t blame her. I’m not entirely sure when the romantic arc comes in, but certainly not in the first book. Maybe that’s why in some ways Dreams of a World Unknown is hard for me sometimes to wrap my head around. I’m so used to reading romantic arcs that end positively. Still, I feel like this story has its place in the world. People fall out of love and certainly doing so prior to falling for someone new is kind of important to letting the wrong person go in order to make room for the right person. 

Would you read an anti romance arc if it was well written? Do you think watching a character fall out of love could be a good read? Let me know in the comments below.

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Angels and Demons in Fiction

Whether you read science fiction or fantasy there’s a lot of books out there to suit your needs. I haven’t read science fiction in a while, I’ve been on an urban fantasy kick. Richelle Mead has several series out that I have been powering my way through. Currently I’m reading the Succubus series. The main character Georgina is a succubus that fell in love with a mortal. In Mead’s universe succubi can’t control their feeding. This leads to complications in the romance department as she does not want to take years off her lover’s life.

What really captures me as a reader is the way Mead builds this world of immortals who represent heaven and hell. On top of romance issues Georgina is bound to a contract with hell. Her immortal obligations impact her life. There are times when she is pulled away from work to do as her demon bids. Georgina is a member of a hierarchy that ensures evil is brought into the world. As a main character Georgina is flawed and bound to a system of corruption she can’t leave. These rules that she must uphold make for an interesting read. Normally heroes are on the side of good. To have a character be on the side of evil is refreshing. Watching Georgina attempt to be good despite her contract with hell is compelling.

I have characters that are part of hell and who strive to fit their own definition of good. In my book demons aren’t fallen angels but a different species entirely. Demons have their own cultures and rules. I also set up angels with their own culture and rules. They are based not on biblical hierarchies but on my own thoughts regarding how each species would fare in a multiverse with multiple gods and religions.

Speaking of my book I’m still inching along with my word count. Recently I have had more fun writing the short story Vampire in Space (I know it’s a cheesy name). Although I like writing and reading about angels and demons. What kind of depictions of angels and demons have you enjoyed? Feel free to leave a comment below.

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What I’m working on now

Last weekend was Mother’s Day, I forgot to wish a happy Mother’s Day to everyone so happy belated Mother’s Day! When you read this I’ll have just gotten back from seeing my mother and aunt. I went on a four day trip to see them. 

Speaking of trips, part three of Vampire in Space is still in the works. We will see everything from Adriel’s perspective. I will post part three for free on my Patreon. Thank you to my patrons for your support. Your support helps me to continue my work.

I’m still writing Dreams of a World Unknown. I’ve been writing at a crawl with little direction for the scenes. I’ve been having an easier time writing Vampire in Space. My main goal has been to finish writing a full novel. I’ve heard of authors taking years to finish their first book. Hopefully this year is the year the book gets finished.

I’d say I’m more than ready to finish my book. Sharing it with the world will be the next step. Correction editing the book would be my next step. There’s so much that goes into having a polished story. I am glad I have the resources to get the story to where it needs to be.

Please feel free to leave a comment below.

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Vampire in Space Part II

Part II of Vampire in Space has been released on my Patreon for the paid tier. I hope my patrons enjoy it. I have been thinking of releasing more short stories based on the Vampire in Space world. I know the title is silly, but it plainly states what the story is about. I want to make the whole story free for people who sign up for my newsletter, but I’m still struggling to get the newsletter set up. There’s some technical stuff I have to sort out to set up the newsletter. Hopefully I can set that up sooner rather than later.

I’m still in the process of writing the tentatively titled, Dreams of a World Unknown. I plan to share exclusive previews of excerpts of the story on my Patreon for patrons. If any of you are interested in seeing exclusive excerpts on my website let me know in the comments below. Thank you for following my writer journey. I’m hopeful that soon I’ll finish my novel and have my first book to share with you sometime this year.