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Vampire in Space Part 3: Survivor

When my eyes finally opened the room spun in my vision. I tried to get up and felt sick so I laid back down. Alive, I took a deep breath. Now it was a matter of surviving. Eventually the vampire had to get tired or full at least. My hand went to my neck which was still wet with blood. I applied pressure to staunch the flow of blood. Another breath and I tried to get up again. Slowly I sat up. I looked around and the room spun slowly. I crawled over to the bed and forced myself up over the mattress. I sat up. Covered my eyes for a few moments. Then I tried standing, shaking. There were no supplies in the room to help with the blood loss. There was a sink however so I made my way over to drink some water. I cupped the water in my hands and took big gulps. I told myself the world wasn’t falling away as my head spun. Once my thirst was sated I went back to my bed uncaring that there was a gaping hole in my door. 

I laid in bed long enough to fall back asleep. The next time I woke there was a hand on my arm. I let out a gasp and opened my eyes to see Tas standing over me.

“What are you doing here?” I asked.

Tas smiled, “I’m here to take you to an escape pod of course.”

I groaned as I sat up, “That’s kind of you. What’s the status of the attack?”

Tas’s smile vanished, “That vampire did a number on our guards and the crew. We’ve lost many. I couldn’t believe the amount of broken bodies I passed on the way here.”

“I guess I was lucky.” This was the second attack where I managed to survive. Tas said nothing. I stood up and together we made our way to the escape pods. This time I would refuse boarding any ships that crossed my path. I’ll fly straight home. A part of me wondered if I should try catching up to the Starburst instead. That was unlikely given the escape pod’s speed.

I made it to the escape pod and entered it quickly. Tas waved goodbye as I was launched from the side of the Blue Robin. My navigation was preset to head towards the Outer Rim. I couldn’t change the destination which was the opposite direction from home. My body was held in a standing position and the cushion behind my body gave me the sensation of laying down on a bed. Granted the cushions weren’t that soft.

As I drifted through space I contemplated whether the vampire was caught and whether the cargo on the Starburst would sell. My escape pod continued through the asteroid field. A ship larger than the Starburst came into view. It turned to go directly in my heading. I took a breath, willing the ship not to collide with my escape pod. The large ship with its foreign symbols on the side stopped and I saw a dock align with my trajectory. The captain didn’t even bother to hail me. My pod docked and sanispray decontaminated my escape pod and person. When I stepped into the new ship I was standing face to face with Gorgots. Their tentacles were high in the air making motions I couldn’t decipher. I only knew one gesture the Gorgots would understand and that was hello. They clucked by putting their suction cups together. I had no clue what they were saying. Afraid I would do something impolite I kept my arms at my side. One of them held up a little box and pressed its side. A light shown on its tentacles as it gesticulated. 

A translator’s voice came from the box, “Hello my name is Sun-ma. What is your name?”

“My name is Adriel.”

“Welcome aboard our ship. What happened to yours?”

“A vampire attack. She snuck into our ship while we were docked to another ship.” I left out the fact that it happened twice. The Gorgots discussed this revelation among themselves then turned back to me.

“You can rest in your room.” They led me to a small room with a tank of water.  There were cushions on the floor next to the tank.

“Thank you,” I said, not wanting to offend them. After they left I laid down on the cushions and stared at the ceiling.

“Tas?” I turned around. 

“Yes,” a crew member stood across from me holding an axe. Where on earth did he get that?

“It’s time to find an escape pod and go home.”

I smiled rather than hissing, “Thanks for the advice but I’m staying on board.”


“No,” I interjected.”This is my home and I won’t abandon ship just because some monster thinks she can do what she wants.”

With that I walked away. While I walked calmly through the halls passengers ran by with packs in hand to leave the ship. I returned from my quarters with my bo staff. Who knew I’d be using it for something other than practice? Martial arts was an ancient discipline that I studied. That didn’t make me invincible but it did lend me some confidence. At the very least I could land a blow on the bitch. My tail twitched in discomfort. 

I made it to the bridge of the ship. The captain was speaking with the security chief.

“I want her captured and confined to the brig.”

“Yes, sir.” The chief security officer left. Captain Ando turned toward me. “Tas, what brings you?”

“I would like to help the security team capture the vampire.”

“You’re welcome to try though I prefer if you evacuate instead.”

“Thank you, captain.”

“Be careful Tas.”

“I will be.” I left the bridge and contacted the security chief to let him know I was going to help. The chief told me to go to the cafeteria level. The security officers were in two groups each at the entrance to the cafeteria. They gave me a pair of cuffs in case there was an opportunity to capture the vampire. There were still some straggling members of the ship that were eating before evacuating. A growl announced the arrival of the vampire. She didn’t waste time taking on security. She snapped the neck of one officer who pointed a gun at her. Fires were shot as the vampire used super speed to knock out each security officer that went to attack her. I stood ready with my bo staff. I waited until the vampire rushed to the opposite end of the cafeteria. Without hesitation I confronted her and landed a blow. The vampire grabbed the end of my staff and broke a piece off so there was a ragged edge. Even broken I lunged at her with the bo staff. She blocked my hit with one hand. With the other she grabbed a knife that was in her pocket and flung it at me. I dodged the knife just barely. It grazed my side. I hissed from the pain and leaped forward with my bo staff angled at her heart. The vampire leapt to the side, evading my blow. The security team surrounded us on all sides and began closing in on the vampire she twisted and landed blows on each approaching officer. They all fell. I was the only one left. I charged on the vampire after she felled the last officer. I managed to bury the broken bo staff into her torso. She screamed from the pain. I took the opportunity to grab cuffs and capture her wrists. She struggled against my hold but was defeated by the pain of twisting. I put the cuffs on her and then placed my hand on her shoulder. Time to bring her to the brig.

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