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I’m Back, Check Out What I’m Writing and Reading

After a hiatus since 2018 I’m finally returning to share my thoughts and stories with you.  Today I’m 45653 words into my book. 

I’m writing a fantasy story about a call center agent who discovers she is a goddess. Andara’s journey is a dark tour through the underworld and an isolated view of heaven. Readers will sympathize with her while also hating what her enemies have done.

I’m always reading while writing and the Dark Swan, an Urban Fantasy series, by Richelle Mead was a fun adventure. I found the Dark Swan series intriguing for the travel Eugenie made from human earth to the otherworld beyond it. Two worlds so close to each other yet home to completely different cultures and people. From Shaman to Fairy Queen you follow Eugenie the main character into the fairy realms where she has to fight to protect the people she loves. I love the character arc where you watch Eugenie’s identity and worldview change. I also like the romantic element of the series where the main character falls in love with two men. I like to write stories where the character’s romantic interest is more than one person.

In my story the main character has to combat her own feelings about certain people from her past. Further she is surrounded by options for her romantic interest. Sometimes the best a character can do is not give into temptation. Andara needs time to heal and adjust to her new world.

Share what your favorite books are in the comments below. I’d love to hear what series you like and what you like about them.

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