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When Characters Exercise Free Will

Fate is a theme that comes up in my work. The question arises whether characters have free will or if they have only one predestined choice. I would like to say they are free but sometimes in the process of writing I find only one choice can be made. I’ve had characters act outside the predetermined plot changing the entire story. One such instance a brazen character named El brought a dragon to battle which changed the plot of two books in two separate series. Originally I thought El was an enemy of all dragons. The story proved me wrong and grew more interesting as now I had factions amongst the dragons for and against El.

El is a character in my series multiverse that shows up in various stories. I have three separate series that refer to him and one in which he is a main antagonist. He is a good example of how characters can change plots because he consistently acts in unexpected ways. I write my fiction but my fiction also has its own voice. I look forward to discovering more about my book’s world and sharing that world with you.

What characters have you read about that shaped a story in unexpected ways?

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