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Working Towards a Finished Story: The Dragon Writers Way!

  Becoming a published author is hard work, but there are ways of making the path work for us. I’m still working towards finishing, The Alter Mysteries: Death Shadow, and took conscious steps towards improving my writing. I took a writing course, which helped me gain the contacts needed to found a writers group, The Dragon Writers.


  People from my writers’ group tell me what I need to work on to make my writing stronger and vice versa. Even better, working with other writers forces me to focus on specific creative projects. As a group, we discuss our writing goals and hold each other accountable. Sometimes other writers can help us think of solutions we never thought of to our dilemmas. You can learn about that first hand by joining a writers’ group yourself!


  If there are no writers’ groups in the area you can still get prompts here on my blog. I’m going to share my writing prompts for The Dragon Writers with you. Follow my blog and once a month you’ll receive a writing prompt. The monthly posts will give you time to write, edit, and share the prompts with other writers for feedback. You can get access to the first prompt here.


  What helped you improve your writing? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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