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Angels and Demons in Fiction

Whether you read science fiction or fantasy there’s a lot of books out there to suit your needs. I haven’t read science fiction in a while, I’ve been on an urban fantasy kick. Richelle Mead has several series out that I have been powering my way through. Currently I’m reading the Succubus series. The main character Georgina is a succubus that fell in love with a mortal. In Mead’s universe succubi can’t control their feeding. This leads to complications in the romance department as she does not want to take years off her lover’s life.

What really captures me as a reader is the way Mead builds this world of immortals who represent heaven and hell. On top of romance issues Georgina is bound to a contract with hell. Her immortal obligations impact her life. There are times when she is pulled away from work to do as her demon bids. Georgina is a member of a hierarchy that ensures evil is brought into the world. As a main character Georgina is flawed and bound to a system of corruption she can’t leave. These rules that she must uphold make for an interesting read. Normally heroes are on the side of good. To have a character be on the side of evil is refreshing. Watching Georgina attempt to be good despite her contract with hell is compelling.

I have characters that are part of hell and who strive to fit their own definition of good. In my book demons aren’t fallen angels but a different species entirely. Demons have their own cultures and rules. I also set up angels with their own culture and rules. They are based not on biblical hierarchies but on my own thoughts regarding how each species would fare in a multiverse with multiple gods and religions.

Speaking of my book I’m still inching along with my word count. Recently I have had more fun writing the short story Vampire in Space (I know it’s a cheesy name). Although I like writing and reading about angels and demons. What kind of depictions of angels and demons have you enjoyed? Feel free to leave a comment below.

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