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The Opposite of a Romantic Arc

Lazy, bedridden, unacceptable. I’m hazy when I get out of bed. My word count has barely inched up and I’m ready to go on a vacation just to take a break. Writing hasn’t been easy lately. I don’t know if this is pandemic related mental exhaustion or just me losing gas. One thing is for sure, I need a pick me up. Good thing I’ve been reading Julia Quinns’ Bridgerton series. Despite my low mood I find myself laughing at the characters slow orbit into love. No matter what mood I’m in, a good book is always a good way to improve my mood. The Bridgerton series is a historical romance, which is different from my usual reading material fantasy. I love a good romance though in fantasy or another genre. 

My love for reading romance makes me wonder about my book Dreams of a World Unknown which is basically like an anti romance. If anything you watch the main character grow to hate her true love and as the audience you can’t blame her. I’m not entirely sure when the romantic arc comes in, but certainly not in the first book. Maybe that’s why in some ways Dreams of a World Unknown is hard for me sometimes to wrap my head around. I’m so used to reading romantic arcs that end positively. Still, I feel like this story has its place in the world. People fall out of love and certainly doing so prior to falling for someone new is kind of important to letting the wrong person go in order to make room for the right person. 

Would you read an anti romance arc if it was well written? Do you think watching a character fall out of love could be a good read? Let me know in the comments below.

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