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Soul Mates Falling Out of Love

I’m currently reading When He Was Wicked by Julia Quinn. That book follows Francesca as she searches for a new husband and the Earl Kilmartin as he attempts to hide his romantic feelings for Francesca. I know how the book will end but it’s still an interesting journey watching them fall in love. 

In the book I’m writing the main character is falling out of love with her soulmate. The dissolution of that relationship feels like a step by step process with similar beats to two characters falling in love. I must confess watching the journey of these two soul mates is frustrating because I don’t want them to be at such odds, but it’s the only way they can be. I’m curious as to whether there will be a fanbase for a story such as this. I know I’ve grown accustomed to love stories being the same, each beat a predictable part of a journey through courtship. It’s pleasing to see something different and I wonder who my main character will fall for and what that will look like when it happens. This first book isn’t about romance growing, but I know my main character will eventually fall in love with someone. I hope that that romance will be a departure from the norm yet still pleasing. My hope is to introduce something different and enjoyable with LGBTQ themes.

Would you like to read a story about soul mates falling out of love?

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