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What I’m Watching and Working on

Recently I’ve been watching the show Transparent on Prime video. The show follows a trans woman, Maura, throughout her transition. I have to say the show does a good job of addressing Maura’s experience. The viewer follows Maura through rejection from family members to acceptance from friends and family. I find myself glued to the show because I want to see the trans experience and the LGBT+ experience. The show also has a bisexual character, Maura’s daughter, Sarah. The one thing I dislike about Sarah’s story is that she is depicted as being indecisive about what she wants and I feel like that is a stereotype about bisexual people. You can be bisexual and know what you want. Perhaps if I keep watching she will get to that point.

In the story I’m writing now, Dreams of a World Unknown, there are bisexual characters and the main character learns she is bisexual. It’s a rough draft still so there’s nothing to share quite yet, but I look forward to sharing it in the future. I’ve still been in a writing slump where although I’m writing it’s not a lot at one time. My schedule isn’t working anymore because recently I’ve been falling straight asleep rather than writing on my phone before bed. 

You’d be surprised to know how much of my writing is done on my cell phone. Even my blog posts are written on my cell phone a good portion of the time. Using my cell phone opens up new places and times for me to write. Hopefully I can figure something out that works. I look forward to depicting strong bisexual characters who have flaws but carve their own path. 

What stories and shows have diverse character representation that you enjoy? Feel free to leave a comment below.

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